Nomination as Chancellor of Cambridge University

How I see the role of the Chancellor

I have a great admiration for Cambridge, which I regard as a major national asset. If I were elected as Chancellor, I would be a passionate champion for Cambridge at home and abroad at a difficult time for universities.

The Chancellor should support the University, but not be involved in policy-making.  The Chancellor should be a unifying force for faculty, students and staff, and I would want to represent the whole University and its colleges. I believe that both the arts and humanities, and the sciences, make a major contribution to our national life.

What knowledge and experience I would bring to the role

I have a life-long interest in education and have supported many projects in schools and universities through my Charitable Foundation, which also focuses on development in Africa, Neuroscience, Plant Science and the Arts.

I am proud to be a Cambridge graduate and know both British and foreign universities as a result of my eight years as Minister of Science and Innovation.

I have experience of government but am not a tribal politician.  I founded and chair the Institute for Government which has politicians from all three political parties on its Governing Body. I also have a record as a fund-raiser having chaired the Royal Society’s 350th Anniversary Campaign Board.

If elected I would be honoured and delighted to represent one of the greatest universities in the world.