Business Weekly: ‘Sainsbury is likely to achieve far more’

Tony Quested of Business Weekly writes:

“It must be fair to assume that Cambridge University fellows and alumni are among the most intelligent people on the planet.

It surely must be apparent that at a time when political expediency reigns at the very highest level of government, and in the midst of the biggest financial crisis most of us have known, that Cambridge needs a fighter, not a figurehead – an inside track scrapper in the corridors of power rather than a strutter upon a stage.

Lord Sainsbury understands the machinations of the government inner sanctum. He appreciates the needs of business – notably the areas of industry and science in which University departments excel. He knows what is required to turn the university’s innovation pipeline into a currency that can be used as a bartering chip for a better-funded future.

I have no axe to grind whatsoever – but as an independent observer I can see with crystal clarity how David Sainsbury is likely to achieve far more on the university’s behalf than any of the other candidates, however personable they may be.”

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